EU Activities Centre (EUAC) is a lead non-governmental organization in Turkey, founded on October 6, 2004 to contribute to the preparation for the accession of Turkey to the EU through training, conducting research, symposiums, seminars and structured meetings, with the aim of raising awareness on Turkey’s accession process. EUAC aims to promote the dialogue between Turkey, the other candidates, potential candidates and EU member countries, has more than 16 years of experience in EU policies and EU harmonization applying a variety of tools, such as research, evaluation and studies on economic, social and cultural issues at regional and national level.



CSV Marche is the volunteering regional network which pursues the empowerment of volunteering organizations in the Marche Region. Its membership base is around 400 volunteering organizations. CSV has its headquarters in Ancona, 5 provincial head centres and 19 secondary information desks. CSV Marche delivers free services such as administrative and fiscal advises, communication, promotion, support to project development and to collaboration with public administration and other local entities, also through thematic networks.
The operational philosophy of the Centres is to add value to the resources already in the territory through networking allowing the experiences and the assets of volunteering to expand and gain value among groups and associations. Voluntary organizations have indeed specific competences, in their fields of intervention, that can contribute to a mutual enrichment of ongoing experiences: PROMOTION – CONSULTANCY AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT – TRAINING – COMMUNICATION, INFORMATION AND DOCUMENTATION -PLANNING. CSV MARCHE has an internal system of quality implemented through periodical accounting system. Volunteering, Active Citizenship, Community mobilization and Migrants Inclusion are some of the main topics of activity for CSV MARCHE in our region and, within national partnership, all over Italy. Since it fosters coordination and collaboration among Associations and Ngos and public sector in the field of volunteering, social inclusion, active citizenship promotion and youth raising awareness and education, the topic of youth mobilization and activation through volunteering and the support to civic participation mechanisms is particularly relevant for us. In the last decades in Italy, and especially in the region where CSV MARCHE is based, the topics of volunteering and activation of volunteers are widening in terms of awareness, interest and engagement by both enterprises and third sector actors. The approach fostered by CSV MARCHE is aimed to create local networking and proactive attitudes in order to strengthen best experiences and skills arising from a wide range of stakeholders. The approach is aimed to foster a “collective responsibility” which involves institutions, third sector, private sector/enterprises, unions and social actors, in order to support an economic growth which takes in account social, environmental and cultural issues aiming at the “community” well being and having youth as main actor of this process.



Elderberry AB www.elderberry.nu undertake teacher training and curriculum development, authoring, testing, editing and publishing within the following sectors; school, adult, VET, youth, culture and heritage and special needs, often with socio-cultural and urban implications. Members of staff are published (best-selling) educational authors. Elderberry AB has experience in developing teaching material for schools and colleges, special needs, heritage and culture, environmental, migrants and refugees and advanced IT skills/coding and robotics. The company is experienced with traditional methods (ISBN) for educational material and training as with eLearning and mobile learning.



Innovation Training Center (ITC) is a training and consultancy organization based in Palma de Mallorca (ES) who offers a wide range of services regarding innovative materials and services (R+D+I approach) to promote innovation in learning with a focus in unfavoured groups of the population.
Our consolidation and experience allowed us to create a specific R & D department for the development and implementation of Innovation projects. Our interdisciplinary team of experts has participated and managed a wide range of R & D projects and has built an intensive networking experience with various private and public organisations.



CSI employs professionals with over 50 years of collective experiences in the fields of Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Education, System Rationalization, Information & Communication Technologies, Global Health Process – Life Sciences, Business Forensic Intervention, Youth Development & Motivation, and Resource Realignment with Goals and Objectives. The Team enlists their experiences to support the identification of systemic problems and development and implementation of smart and sustainable solutions to difficult social problems. These solutions are developed through various layers of interaction with stakeholders. We believe that quality of life improves when the process of social innovation is leveraged to attain social justice, solve systemic problems and develop solutions that may provide opportunities for individuals and organizations.



Symplexis is a Greek non-for-profit organization that strives to ensure equal opportunities for all through actions and measures that build skills, empower and promote active engagement and participation focusing on the most vulnerable categories of the population and particularly those with fewer opportunities.

Symplexis’ mission is to elevate social cohesion through integrated actions and project-based activities that aim at promoting the inclusion of disadvantaged groups at risk of marginalization and exclusion, while promoting and protecting the rights of various types of population groups that face discrimination focusing on the empowerment and support of victims, awareness raising and information sharing at all level.